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Our Mission


Our belief is the children who are part of Adel pre-school should be free to express, explore, be excited and inspired by the wonders that lay at our feet, above our heads and everywhere in between .

We view children as competent, active, enquiring thinkers who instinctively engage with people, objects and events as they make sense of the world around them.


We balance risk with learning opportunities to enable children to have the very best experience which are exciting and thrilling to take part in, stimulating wonder and awe.

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Our Activities

Below are just a few of the activities our children enjoy throughout their journey with us at Adel Pre-school.

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Messy Play 

An opportunity everyday for both gross and fine motor skills enhancement. Jumping in puddles and mark making in gloop and everything in between to ensure development of muscle strength, hand eye co-ordination and body control and balance.

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Singing and Reading 

We support your children in early literacy development by communicating with them, reading and playing with rhyme. Children Learn best through everyday fun activities like singing, talking and games. Literacy development is a vital part of your child’s overall development.


Water Play 

We have waterplay available all day every day. Water play builds the foundation for understanding various scientific concepts. Did you know we use water play to teach basic mathematics? It will introduce children to terms such as Full, Empty, Half, Less. We will measure, compare volumes and observe motion, maybe water a plant too, we will transport the water to different areas of the play area mixing with different things, noting the changes. 


Our Environment


Children grow from outdoor learning. Everything a child needs to develop successfully can be taught and supported by nature.  We give children a connection to nature and the world around them by providing a wealth of real life, natural objects and open-ended materials and authentic tools.



The raindrops have a unique indoor area that is a home from home, with everything a child needs to develop, age appropriate furniture, and a wealth of resources so that the children in the raindrops room can develop their own ideas and experiment to make their own conclusions and hypothesis. The raindrops have continual access to their outdoor play area, with a mud kitchen, cosy area for quiet play or reading, construction, sand and water play. 



The rainbows enjoy all year round outdoor learning, they have everything they need to develop in the main area with invitations to play and provocations designed around the children's needs, the rainbows also benefit from our forest school area, with learning opportunities like camp fire cooking, bug hunting and an allotment. 

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We offer individual care routines, tailored to the unique needs of your child. We believe that children thrive from a base of secure relationships and we ensure that all children have a dedicated key person from the moment they join the setting.  Before their first day your child will be offered settling sessions where they will meet their key person.

Yours and your child’s emotional wellbeing is of paramount importance to us and we will do everything we can to ensure that your child is settled, confident and happy whilst in our care.

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